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1. Can I buy a garage door at first and electric operator later?
Yes it is, but before ordering garage doors, please inform the dealer about it. It is very important to evaluate the overhead and to select right garage door track type.
2. Is it possible to fit a garage door, if we still do not have the floor ready?
Yes, it is, but it is necessary to know the where the floor will be during site survey.
3. Are your doors insulated?
All Ryterna garage doors are made of 40mm thick double skinned zinc coated tin filled with freon free polyurethane foam panels. Sectional garage door’s U value = 1 - 1.45 W/
K depending on door size and model.
4. We have to fit garage door in a very wet place. Could you suggest something?
The best solution is stainless steel hardware. Our doors with stainless steel parts are used in car washes, farms and fertilizers’ warehouses. Ryterna panels are zinc coated and comes with 10 year warranty.
5. I would like to have door handle painted in the same colour as door. Can it be painted?
We paint door handle, window frames and other door parts in our paint workshop according to our customers' specifications.
6. What is your wicket door size?
Our default wicket door size is 800x2000 mm. Upon request we can make wicket door up to 1200mm wide and up to 2200mm high. Please do not forget to specify wicket door position and handing.
7. What operators you recommend to use with Ryterna garage doors?
Allmost all electric operators are compatible with Ryterna garage doors. For the best option consult dealer.
8. What is standard garage door’s spring life time?
Garage door spring life time is 15,000 cycles - about 20years of service life. Industrial door – 25,000 cycles. Also as option available springs with 50,000 and 100,000 cycles life time.
9. I need door of specific size that is not 'standard'. Is there any solution?
All Ryterna garage doors are made to measure. 
10. I need garage door 8 metres wide. Is it available?
Yes, doors up to 12 metres wide are available.
11. Are your products certified?
All Ryterna products are CE certified according to EN 13241-1. ISO 9001 quality control system implemented 1998.
12. I know colour number, but it's not RAL. Can you paint garage doors according to it?
Yes, we can pick up colour according to all main colour system codes including BS.
13. If something breaks how shall I know how to ask for replacement?
All Ryterna doors come with unique production number.
It is placed on the right side on the third panel from the floor.
If panel is damaged, cable or spring broken we can replace exact spare part according to production number.
14. What are guarantees?
Ryterna provides 10 year warranty for garage doors.


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