Front Doors – an Essential Part of House Facade

Every day you see, touch and use it. Front doors must be safe, warm, maintenance-free and match the exterior. Furthermore, we can manufacture matching each other front doors and garage doors so your kerb appeal may look like a million worth.

We offer a wide range of made to order aluminium front doors with numerous design choices including the possibility to create your own design. Latest technologies combined with perfect design results in outstanding appearance and performance. In fact, aluminium front doors are the perfect choice for new built as well for renovation projects.

As we manufacture all types of garage doors and front doors so matching both is no longer a problem. By installing matching doors you can create staggering kerb appeal.

We manufacture two types of aluminium front doors: RD80 & RD100. Design-wise they are identical. However, RD100 door leaf and jamb are 10 mm thicker, therefore has better thermal insulation.

Aluminium front door with triple sidelight

The Benefits

  • Made to order up to 1250 mm wide & 2250 mm high. For bigger sizes consult the manufacturer.
  • Insulated aluminium frame and leaf – U values ~ 0.65 W/m²K
  • Opening inside or outside (optional)
  • Triple safety glazing – P4A glass outside & inside
  • All-round perimeter rubber triple weather sealing
  • Hi-end durable magnetic ‘pop-up’ threshold
  • Two types of door frames
  • 2.5 mm thick aluminium sheet leaf skin
  • Individual design along with a wide range of standardised designs
  • The ultimate selection of RAL colours
  • Certified according to security and burglary. Resistance Class up to RC3
  • Available with matching aluminium cill profile


The door threshold has triple sealing and a ‘pop-up’ magnetic seal. Hence hi-end durable and low maintenance threshold system significantly improves insulation. Even more low threshold is suitable for wheel-chairs.

When you close the door magnetic seal pops-up and perfectly shuts the bottom gap between leaf and threshold. When opening the door you ‘tear off’ the magnetic seal and it gently drops back into its groove.

As the magnetic seal is not attached to the door frame, you can easily take it off, clean it with a vacuum cleaner, and put it back.

Ryterna front door with portholes
Ryterna front door with custom shape window

Glazing, Sidelights & Transoms

We offer 13 basic door leaf glazing options. In addition, you can modify them by changing the layout and quantity of windows. All windows are with triple safety glazing. No window frame is required. Also, portholes and custom window sizes and shapes are available. Please consult for feasibility.

Made to measure sidelights and transoms with triple safety glazing will let more sunlight into your home. Choose one of the available glass options, tinted or patterned glass. In addition, custom design glazing is available on request.

Sidelights can be on the left on the right of aluminium front door. Also, we offer the possibility to combine all of these options on one door. Sidelight width limitations are min 400 – max 1200 mm. Transom height limitations are min 400 – max 1000 mm. Furthermore, we manufacture doors with ‘p’ or ‘q’ shape sidelights. In addition, for exclusive installations, we offer aluminium front doors with corner sidelights.

On our range, there is a wide selection of decorative glass for door leafs, sidelights, and transoms. Also, we can make custom ‘etched effect’ glazing with house number, company name, or logo.

Locking Systems

Ryterna offer a wide range of locking options. The simplest one is the 3-point locking system. And the most sophisticated – 5 point locking system with electric gear. Thereby you can connect locks with electric gear to a finger scanner, keypad, or remote handset. Consequently, you can get extra convenience and functionality of your door. All locks can be installed with an electromagnetic latch. Electric latch gives you a possibility to disable temporarily (day time, etc.) self-locking function. Actually, it is important for offices and shops for free admittance during working hours.

We install a ‘Wilka’ key cylinder with 5 keys. You can choose three levels of key cylinder safety. Above all we offer additional safety and convenience features.

Front Door with letter-plate
Stainless steel pull handles

Handles & Escutcheons

We can install a wide variety of pull and lever handles. Almost all pull/lever handle combinations available. Additionally, you can choose the pull handle from 0.5 up to 2 metres long.

Upon request, we can install custom handles. Also, the lever/lever handles option is available. In addition, you can choose handles with wood decoration, LED backlight, and recessed handles.

Moreover, we can install pull handles not only vertically, but horizontally or at a custom angle to match the individual design.


Beauty and quality hide in details.

Durable aluminium appliqué will make your door special. All 1 mm thick appliques and window frames are flush with the door leaf. Choose one of plenty or create your own. Small highlight can dramatically change your house kerb appeal.

By milling grooves on aluminium sheet, we can create a custom motif, ornament or pattern. Consequently, you can get doors with a unique design.

Furthermore, we can paint the door in almost any colour. Nothing is easier to match front door colour with the facade, garage door or windows colour. At the same time, we can combine two colours with different finishes on one door leaf. In addition, the customer can order custom painted internal side of the door.

For ultimate aesthetics seekers, we offer aluminium doors with concealed hinges. Because hinges are installed inside of the leaf and jamb, the door looks perfect from both sides.

Finally – custom shape windows. Along with custom etched-effect glazing, it is like your personal signature exposing your individuality.

Custom design front door
Front door with 1.8 m bended pull handle
Aluminium cill profile

Cill Profiles

Ryterna can supply aluminium front doors with cill profiles. Cill profiles are made of extruded aluminium with thermal break and aluminium cast end-caps. As a standard cill profile is cut to door size. Usually, we powder-coat threshold in ‘Anthracite grey’ colour but also we can powder-coat in a custom colour to match door or house design. In addition, we offer two sizes of cill profiles: 150 mm and 190 mm wide.

Steel Doors

Saving Without Compromising

Steel front doors RD67 are the economic version of our best seller aluminium doors. Featuring almost all the benefits of RD80, but due to different production technology and materials used are better priced. Therefore RD67 are the perfect money-saving option for front doors and the backyard or utility room entrance as well.

Due to innovative design, the door leaf is not affected by big temperature differences inside and outside. The leaf stays stable no matter what temperature is outside. Latest technologies combined with perfect design results in outstanding appearance and performance. The steel front door is the perfect choice for a reasonable price.

Benefits of Steel Doors

  • Made to order up to 1250 mm wide & 2250 mm high
  • Insulated aluminium frame and leaf – U values ~ 0.73 W/m²K
  • The frame is made of composite aluminium profiles with a 24 mm thick thermal break.
  • The leaf is 67 mm thick with steel sheet skin. Thermal insulation – freon free PU foam.
  • U-value up to 0.73 W/m2K.
  • Triple safety glazing
  • Double all-round perimeter rubber weather sealing