Side sliding garage door with glazed panels
Traditional design side-hinged garage door
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Sectional garage door with decorative accent

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional are the most versatile garage door type. Time tested champions in safety, insulation and performance.

Having our own panel production lines and experienced team of engineers, we can manufacture almost any size and design sectional garage door. Ryterna sectional garage doors come with industrial-grade hardware consequently, we can guarantee long service life and smooth operation.

Ryterna have developed almost endless design options so the most demanding customers or architects can bring to life the darest ideas.

We care how the door looks from the outside but the inside look is quite important for us as well. As a result, we offer many options to get a perfect appearance from the inside like custom colour, powder coated hardware, spring covers, etc.

Some say ‘we always go the extra mile’. Actually, we are already there and yet keep going.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side-hinged doors are the pioneers of the all door industry. Doors featuring conventional and simple construction are on service duty for many years. Hinged doors having some constructional drawbacks still are irreplaceable in many households and industries.

Modern insulated side hinged garage doors made by Ryterna come with all up-to-date improvements, design, and safety elements. Our product range starts with contemporary-looking doors up to traditional or retro designs to match conservation area regulations.

Ryterna offer numerous design options. You can choose from three available layouts: horizontal, vertical, and chevron. For convenience, you can order custom split doors instead of 50/50 standard and select door handing side. Bi-foldable or inside opening leafs on our options list as well.

If you are looking for something individual or exceptional please consider hinged door designs with stainless steel appliques.

Traditional design side-hinged garage door
Sliding door with oblong window

Side-Sliding Garage Doors

Original design garage doors reborn for a new life. Side-sliding doors are made of panels hung on guiding rail which directs the door the desired path. Quite simple construction but requires precision in production and installation. Fortunately, modern materials enable us to get perfect results. Ryterna supply side-sliding garage doors with top and bottom anodised aluminium guiding rails and plastic coated rollers with bearings so operation is nice and easy.

Sliding garage doors with exceptional design features and performance perfectly matches old and modern architectural settings. For wide openings, we offer bi-parting sliding garage doors where each part can be operated separately.

Sliding garage doors could be a perfect choice for non-rectangular shape spaces. As a standard, we manufacture guiding rail with the right-angle corner. For custom designs, we offer custom-angle guiding rails. It doesn’t matter an acute or obtuse corner or even two corners in a row.

Front Doors

The front door is like a signature of the house. It tells a lot about the owner and his home. You can stay away from the garage or utility room for days or even weeks but the front door is a different story. You simply can’t avoid it. That’s why high insulation and performance requirements are high along with top quality finish.

Aluminium front doors made by Ryterna features triple all-round perimeter rubber sealing, innovative pop-up threshold, high security and low maintenance.

We offer a lot of standardised designs along with the possibility to create your own. Creating your bespoke design you can play with windows layout, appliques, handles and colours. A combination of two or more colours, cladding with decorative panels can create a stunning effect.

Turn your home into your castle!

Front Door with letter-plate
Matching front & garage doors with pull handles

Matching Design

For ultimate design seekers, we offer matching design front and garage doors. Ryterna manufacture three types of garage doors and two types of front doors. All our products are bespoke and made-to-measure. Consequently, we can supply the same design front and garage doors. Many architects are keen to get the best possible result so matching design different house elements is a good instrument for that.

By using different cladding techniques we can create front and garage doors designs matching with the facade.

Industrial Doors

Industrial doors – built to serve.

Ryterna manufactures several types of industrial doors. Each door we build exactly for its purpose. Of course, durability and performance are key factors. But we care about door aesthetics as well. It is important how your industrial surrounding looks like.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing large size special doors of various types. Each case is unique. Therefore we are ready to help you choose the right type of door to get the best performance.

Industrial door 4x11 with direct drive gear

About Ryterna

Ryterna was established in 1993 in Kaunas Lithuania. Today the company has branches all over Europe employing more than 520 people. Our main products are custom made garage and front doors. Ryterna Group has a modular buildings department which designs and builds mobile houses and containers.

Having four our own section production lines and three semi-automated painting lines we offer to our customers almost endless design possibilities. Due to the Europe-wide distribution network and own transport fleet Ryterna ensure flexible logistics and short lead times.

Supplying British trade customers since 2012.

All products are CE certified. ISO 9001 quality control system implemented since 1998.


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The market and web are filled up with standard uncompetitive low-margin products. Affluent customers are no longer interested in the same dull and dreary door design offered for many years. They want something bespoke, different and outstanding. In fact, this is exactly what we are doing. As we supply only to trade customers, we need a network of dealers to reach end-user.

If you are smart and keen enough to deal with bespoke products please contact us for further cooperation.

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