Modern Take on Old Style

With no tracks, rollers, cables, or mechanisms, side-hinged garage doors are simple solid leafs connected to the frame via hinges. However, our modern take on this old style of garage door maybe not as simple as they appear at first glance. Ryterna side hinged garage doors combine traditional appearance and modern design.

As the manufacturer of bespoke products, Ryterna can make modern side-hinged garage doors with a traditional appearance like from 1960-ties. Or contemporary design doors to fit a modern architectural setting.

Vertical layout door with oblong window
Vertical layout door with glazed panel

Side-hinged Garage Doors Benefits

  • Insulated
  • Made to order
  • Safe and secure
  • Custom split
  • Adjustable hinges
  • Three threshold options
  • Two frame options
  • Left or right handing
  • Many options and accessories
  • Low maintenance
  • Endless design & colour options

The Leafs

Ryterna constructs side-hinged garage door leafs using double-skin zinc-coated steel sections filled with Freon-free PU foam. As a result, providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation for your home. We fit leafs with our unique extruded aluminium h-shape section profile which also contains tubular rubber seals. Due to these features garage door have a perfect all-around perimeter seal to the frame. Consequently, you will have a comfortable environment inside your garage, and keep the weather out.

Small garages are mainly used for hobbies, workshops, storage or as utility rooms where people spend a lot of time. Therefore windows are the very popular option customers choose for side-hinged garage doors. Ryterna offers about 10 different window types, double-glazed panels and many glazing choices.

Chevron layout 'Diamond' design side-hinged door
Side-hinged door with décor appliques


To eliminate draughts and keep the elements out our P-shape side-hinged door frames are rebated to fit the leafs. We construct it from 2 mm thick steel with mitered corners and welded reinforcement for strength. Furthermore, we zinc coat, prime, and powder coat frame steel for extra durability. Frame with mouldings could be a good choice if the door is fitted flush with the front wall. Moreover for custom installations, we manufacture side-hinged garage doors with tubular frames. As standard, we use a 40×60 mm rectangular tube but other options are available as well.

Colours, Panels & Layout

We offer 14 sections’ designs and can paint them any RAL or BS colour. Hence wide horizons for your creativity are open. Furthermore – smooth surface panels we can paint with metallic or structure finish and gloss up to 90%. Combining different colour or design sections and stainless steel windows on one door can create stunning door look.

Six wood image sections can match almost any architectural setting.

As standard, we paint the door frame the same colour as the leafs. But customer can specify different colour combination.

Ryterna can make side hinged garage doors in three standard layouts: horizontal, vertical and chevron. Furthermore custom or combined layouts available.

Side-hinged door with side fascia panels
Side-hinged door 4x3 with wicket


Ryterna manufacture bespoke side hinged garage doors for your opening. Maximum opening sizes of 10 feet wide and 10 feet high. However, we can make larger size doors – please contact us for feasibility.

As a standard, we manufacture doors with 50/50 or custom split. However, the end-user can specify a custom split. The only condition is not to exceed the leaf’s 1.5-metre width.

Ryterna side hinged doors can be made with either left or right-hand first leaf opening first, and opening outwards as standard. Yet inwards opening leafs can be specified.

Bi-folding leafs is a perfect solution for garages with short or upward sloping driveways or door opening inside as well.


We connect leafs to the frames using high-quality aluminium alloy hinges. Each hinge we equip with roller bearings for a smooth opening and closing action. In addition, hinges are adjustable in two directions. This feature means that your door will always keep perfect shape despite how intensively it will be exploited. Even more new design hinges significantly speed up the installation process.

Side-hinged garage doors seem like a good choice if you use the garage as either office space, a workshop, or simply for storage. We can design side hinged garage doors to replicate existing traditional looking doors. This is especially important for conservation areas where new doors must retain old garage door design.

Side-hinged garage doors with oblong inox windows
Front & garage door designs complementing each other

Locks & Handles

Also as an upgrade to our standard single-point latching and deadbolt style lock, you can choose to add 3 point locking. From a simple turn of the key, you can activate lock with a single latch and 3 deadbolts.

Standard lever handle sets are available in white, black, or aluminium at no extra charge. Any RAL colour as an optional extra.

We also offer a range of different styles and lengths of stainless steel tubular pull handles. And the range is from knob up to a maximum length of 1800 mm.

Door Stays

We supply side hinged garage doors with a pair of original door stays with adjustable opening angle. Therefore you can adjust the door opening angle between 90° and 140° which is important in narrow or cornering driveways. Door stays keep leafs in an open position and prevent doors from colliding with the walls or car. For taller doors, stay rods help to disengage the door stay and make closing the doors easy for all.

Espagnolette Lock

You can upgrade second leafs locking from standard flush bolts to ‘espagnolette’ lock. As a result, users can simply and easily operate the high-security solid locking bars from one high quality conveniently situated lever handle.

Hinge Bolts

All side hinged garage doors we manufacture are with hinge-bolts as standard. No doubt – hinge-bolts increase security and prevent the unwanted lifting or levering of door leafs in an attempted break-in.

Side-hinged garage door - mid-rib panels
Side-hinged door with oblong windows


In addition, Ryterna offer 3 threshold options for side hinged garage doors.

‘Sloping’ threshold – standard and universal option. if you use a garage for a car – this option is for you. We can supply a sloping threshold with the stainless steel cover which adds some luxury and protects threshold paint from wearing off.

‘L’ shaped – a rebated threshold similar to the side frames. Good choice if you use garage space is used as a utility room, workshop, etc.

‘Flat’ – this 80 mm wide x 5 mm thick flat steel. The flat threshold is mainly used where drive-through must be even. Especially where disabled access is required, Caution – the potential for water ingress is likely.

For slightly upward sloping driveways we can manufacture raised thresholds. Due to the raised threshold, you can eliminate the leaf clashing with the driveway or water coming into the garage.

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