Industrial Doors - Built to Serve

Ryterna manufactures several types of industrial doors. Each door we build exactly for its purpose. Of course, durability and performance are key factors. But we care about door aesthetics as well. It is important how your industrial surrounding looks like.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing large size special doors of various types. Each case is unique. Therefore we are ready to help you choose the right type of door to get the best performance.

Industrial door 4x11 with direct drive gear

Sectional Industrial Doors

Sectional Doors are the most versatile type of door. Made of 40 mm thick panels sectional doors are insulated, robust, easy to maintain, and safe to operate. In fact, sectional doors are the ‘draught horses’ serving industry for many years.
We can manufacture all track types including custom made. Standard torsion spring lifetime is 25,000 cycles. But for heavy-duty and super heavy-duty doors available 50,000 and 100,000 cycles lifetime springs. In addition to extra-large doors, we can use direct drive gear without springs.
Doors with stainless steel hardware will match strict food processing industry requirements.
Max width 8,000 mm and max height 7,000 mm (larger sizes available – consult manufacturer). U-value 1.2 – 1.4 W/m2K. Noise reduction level -25 dB.

Glazed Doors

If you have to show something or want to be seen – consider the Glazed Door option. Aluminium profiles can be painted in any colour including the metallic finish. As an option – Thermo-profiles with lower thermal conductivity.
Max width 7,000 mm, max height 5,000 mm (larger sizes available – consult manufacturer). U-value – 3.7 W/m2K for the door with standard profiles. U-value – 3.4 W/m2K for the door with thermo-profiles.
TL-FV door panels – anodized aluminium frames glazed with double acrylic glass comes as a standard, Aluminium profiles can be painted any colour including the metallic finish.
Optionally You can choose acrylic, scratch-proof, tinted, matt, polycarbonate, or safety glass. The sandwich-type bottom panel is standard for TL-Full View doors.
Glazed or ‘sandwich’ filled bottom panel is optional.
Aluminium profiles with thermal breaks significantly upgrade the insulation value of panoramic sectional door panels. FV Thermo doors are produced up to 7 meters wide, 6 meters high, with standard double panes of acrylic glazing or double Anti-Scratch glazing. Concerning possible measurements of doors, glazed with double Safety Glass — consult the factory.

Ventilated Doors

Doors for underground parking or storage premises where sufficient ventilation is required.
TLT sectional doors are designed for premises that require intensive ventilation, such as underground garages and car parks. Alu-frame with perforated galvanized and coated
steel sheets provide the required airflow. On-demand we offer two types of ventilation grids, with two different airflow square holes spaced – 5 mm and 10 mm.
The number of the perforated panels, both in the door and side doors, could vary depending on the airflow requirements.


Doors with stunning 0.5 W/m²K U-value. Ultra Thermo Industrial doors are for heated or refrigerated premises. We manufacture Ultra Thermo using our own 80 mm thick panels. You can install doors between different temperature regime premises or as an external door. In addition, we designed 80 mm thick triple glazed panels. So Ultra-Thermo glazed sectional doors can be installed where ‘show-off’ is necessary along with energy efficiency.

Industrial Sliding Doors

The door hung on the straight guiding rail and riding along the wall. The door can be a single piece or bi-parting. Even more, for extra-large openings ‘telescopic’ design is the solution.
The sliding door is an ultimate space saver that can be installed on both sides of the wall. An excellent option for space partition in storage areas, warehouses, or production premises.

Round-the-Corner Doors

Round the corner doors on an industrial scale.

Vertical panel layout gives the possibility to build doors up to 30 metres wide and up to 15 metres high. Heavy-duty guiding rail and roller system ensures smooth and reliable operation. The door is moving sideways – space under the ceiling is free for cranes and industrial equipment.
Custom made bent guiding rail corresponds perimeter walls so the door occupies as little space as possible. The door is compatible with most electric drives. Pneumatic safety edges and infrared beam protective devices will make door operation safe.
Wicket door gives the possibility to save energy costs. Narrow bottom supporting groove requires very low service and provides smooth passage even for small trolleys and forklifts. High wind load resistance allows installing doors in open and windy places.

Side-Hinged Doors

We manufacture extra-large size side-hinged industrial doors. Standard sizes up to 5 metres wide and 5 metres high. However, custom-designed doors can reach up to 11 metres in height.
In some cases, conventional doors could not be installed or customers choose purposefully hinged doors. The good-old classic and simple design will never let you down. Custom-built doors can include several options like wicket, windows, and even electric openers.