One of the Most Original Door Designs in the UK

Forgotten vertical panel layout nowadays looks like new. In fact modern technologies reborn old and good design for a new life. Door panels slide vertically suspended from a high performing aluminum top rail. Consequently, the guiding rail allows the door to pivot against the garage’s sidewall.

Special design guiding rail, trolleys and threshold ensure smooth and reliable operation. We manufacture side sliding garage doors from own made panels filled with Freon-free PU foam. As a result, the door has the best possible insulation.

Also, brush seals are all around the door perimeter. Above mentioned features give maximum available protection from the elements. Standard is the right angle guiding rail corner. In addition, we can make guiding rail with custom acute and obtuse angle corners.

No doubt Side sliding garage doors rightfully deserve their name for nice and smooth motion.

Front & sliding garage door with 'Sails' design windows and appliques
Sliding garage door with oblong windows

The Benefits of Side Sliding Garage Doors

  • Insulated
  • Space-saving
  • Made to order
  • Safe remote operation
  • Extra-large sizes available
  • Bi-parting & custom split
  • Wicket door option
  • Extra-low maintenance
  • Excellent performance


Ryterna side sliding doors can open to either side. Also for wider projects, we recommend to part in two. For this reason, these are known as ‘Bi-Parting’ garage doors. You can split the door into two even parts.

Custom split also available. The only limitation – there must be at least 3 panels on one side. It is about 1.5 metre wide. The high quality guiding rail is both heavy-duty and maintenance-free. We mount the threshold profile on top of the floor. And the car-friendly threshold is only 18 mm high. In fact threshold profile is absolutely maintenance-free.

Ryterna make side sliding garage door hardware from anodised aluminum and zinc-plated steel. High-quality trolleys with roller bearings ensure smooth and easy motion. Therefore Ryterna side sliding garage doors have excellent performance and long service life.

Sliding door with 'cross' windows
Bi-parting sliding door with glazed panels


We manufacture custom size side sliding doors. One door has a maximum size of 6 metres wide by 3 metres high. Actually, we recommend splitting into 2 bi-parting doors for openings wider than 5 metres.

Please consult with us regarding extra-wide openings – custom-built doors could be a perfect solution in many hopeless situations. Side sliding garage doors go behind reveal. And that means that there is no frame required. With sliding garage door you can retain full brick-to-brick daylight opening.

As a result, Ryterna developed aluminium lintel profile and post system. Elegant, easy to install and maintenance-free profiles are the perfect solution. Furthermore, aluminium profiles can be painted in any colour to match garage door or house facade.

Glazed Panels

Glazed Panels are gaining popularity. Ryterna can produce doors with just the right amount of Glazing to suit your needs. You can order a fully glazed door or a combination of standard and glazed panels.

Glazed doors are the perfect choice for hobby space, workshop, or vintage car garage. Café or shop owners install a fully glazed sectional door instead of the front window. As a result, you can convert closed space into the open within a minutes.

For underground parking, we use ventilation panels. Ventilation panels ensure necessary airflow and perfect ventilation.


You can operate the side sliding garage door by hand or with an electric operator. For bigger-sized doors and everyday use, we recommend an electric operation. As a result, you will have a high-performance contemporary-looking garage door. Side sliding garage doors have no counterbalance systems like sectional doors do. As a result, you will have to apply some force to open or close a quite big door.


Stainless steel & PVC windows are the most popular choice. Ryterna have no standard window layouts. So you can decide on position, colour, and glazing. Above all custom made shapes available. It’s as easy as design/sketch the layout you want and then consult on feasibility. The addition of windows, stainless steel decoration appliques, or personal design options makes Ryterna side sliding doors truly personal.

Sliding door with portholes