Our Cookies Policy

Cookies are tiny files which are placed on device’s hard drive or other web site browsing equipment for record-keeping purposes. If you agree these files are added to your device. Cookies help the website to remember information that will make your use of the site faster, more convenient and tailored to your needs.


Cookies are:

Strictly necessary cookies – let you use website with specific functions and features. Without accepting these cookies website can malfunction or some specific features will be inaccessible for you.

Performance cookies – collect information about website performance and pages attendance. These cookies do not collect any personal or identity info. By preventing performance cookies you will restrict our ability to collect information about website performance.

Functionality cookies – help to customize web experience. Mainly used to provide services or to remember your settings like user name, etc. We do not use ‘functionality cookies’ on our web site.

Targeting cookies – collect information about users. Targeting cookies are used to deliver relevant adverts. We do not use ‘targeting cookies’ on our web site.

Blocking and deleting cookies

Go to your web browser ‘Settings’ to allow or block web sites to store cookies on your device. In ‘History’ tab you can clear all browsing history and cookies stored before.

Deleting all cookies may limit features and performance of some pages.


If you have any questions please contact us at sales@ryterna.co.uk